Every person from every walk of life is exposed to risk. There are risks to life and limb, to property and to financial security. People who put strategies and structures in place to minimise that risk will be the ones who survive and thrive, while those who choose to ignore the risks do so at their peril.

These risks include:

  • Individual and family risk.
  • Business risk.
  • Property risk.
  • Liability risk.
  • Investment risk.

The role of SmartFin Solutions is to minimise all risk for you. We do this by offering some or all of these products:

  • Life cover – required if you have debt or dependents. (You need to make provision in your estate for the ongoing maintenance of dependants and to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of on your death);
  • Disability cover;
  • Dread disease cover;
  • Medical aid;
  • Short-term insurance;
  • Funeral cover;
  • Accident cover;
  • Business assurance – key person, buy-and-sell, contingent liabilities.